We've constructed a comprehensive program to get your app launched on the AppExchange swiftly.



Crafting a tailored fit and leveraging the best "real estate" within the Salesforce UI



Bringing to bear our experience and tools to get your app to market (much) faster

Security Review

Security Review

Guiding your app through Salesforce's review cycle to avoid delays and rework

How long will this take?
Great question! Here's a typical timeline 👇
Month 1
Month 2
Month 3

Note that Security Review does not begin until you sign contracts with Salesforce, and by the same token development does not begin until all APIs are in place.

Joining the Partner Program

There is a defined order of operations to getting your app built, approved, and listed on the AppExchange. We guide you through the entire process to ensure a smooth launch.


The Team

We used a balanced team approach to execute the full program of work. Each role contributes to the success of your app in its own unique way.

  • Solution Architect

    Solution Architect

    This person is responsible for planning exactly where and how your app connects with the different parts of Salesforce. Doing so requires a deep knowledge of Salesforce's platform and applications to place your functionality in the most valuable position.

  • Release Manager

    Release Manager

    This person drives the project effort day-to-day and serves as your primary point of contact. They also lead the non-technical aspects of engaging with Salesforce to push your app through the various review processes.

  • Designer


    This person translates the intent defined by the solution architect into visual designs they build in Salesforce using HTML and CSS. Nothing is lost in that translation, since they write the front-end code themselves and don't throw wireframes "over the wall."

  • Developer


    With the intent clear and the front-end built, our developers focus on building back-end functionality (e.g. data movement) and advanced interactivity that goes beyond Salesforce's stock component library.

  • Quality Analyst

    Quality Analyst

    In addition to the usual work of smoking out bugs, our QA folks help define "done" up-front by analyzing the requirements and contributing to writing specs. They also help package the code and prepare documentation for your team to help you carry the torch effectively.

Typical Cost


Both cost and time are a function of how large the app's footprint will be inside of Salesforce. Looking back over the dozens of apps we've built, we see the cost of a typical composite app ranging from $100k-200K USD, increasing as the footprint expands.

We create proposals for Build engagements on a fixed bid basis, not time-and-materials. If you'd like to move forward, please get in touch.