We offer a safety net for teams who have yet to master Salesforce.

When customers reach out for help with your app, you'll need to diagnose whether they've uncovered a bug or simply misconfigured their Salesforce environment. Even before your first deal closes, sales and marketing teams will need similar support as they demo your app.

Our maintenance program prevents minor incidents from becoming major catastrophes by providing an escalation point for your front-line support team. You get in touch when you're not sure what's wrong, then we investigate and give you the guidance you need to get back on track.



If our investigation verifies the issue is a software defect, we'll assign developer resources to code a fix, have our QA team test it, and roll a new managed package.

How long does it take to fix a bug?
We strive for a one week turnaround time from diagnosis to shipping an updated package.

The Not-So-Fine Print

  • 8x5 availability (Monday–Friday)
  • Basic Plan: $39K USD for 20 incidents over 12 months (72-hour response time)
  • Priority Plan: $90K USD for unlimited incidents over 12 months (24-hour response time)


Let's talk more about how your app can benefit from a Maintenance plan.