We've extracted over 10 years of best practices into a framework that gets your app to market faster.

Strike Framework

Strike is a set of front-end and back-end code components built to address challenges common to composite apps.

Strike Framework


Most composite apps bring in data that enriches the 360° view of the customer. Strike helps retrieve that data and map it to the correct fields in Salesforce.

Setup Assistant


Strike makes it easier to surface features from external systems in Salesforce and cascade events when users take action.



All composite apps need some way to authenticate Salesforce users against their external service. Strike provides solutions for API keys, OAuth, and JWT.

Setup and Onboarding

Administrators installing and configuring your composite app are faced with a miniature integration project—and they've got enough to do.

Strike includes a setup solution for managing data, actions, and users through a step-by-step wizard, walking administrators through anything that can't be automated.